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EL Tester
EL Tester
Product Description:

Solar module EL Tester EL-1600/2400
The working principle of EL Tester is to detect internal defect of solar modules by electroluminescence.
Test and inspect the micro-crack,breakage,broken fingers of the cells and pseudo-soldering of the modules,also applicable to check or find the mismatch of the cells or stringers with different power rating.
1. Bigger and clearer Images, so that it is very easy to find all solar modules defect.
2. High automation with auto Picture&storage, automatic recognition for serial number.
3. High detection efficiency: advanced imaging system with optimization design to realize single module detecting time within 50 seconds.
4. System of high stability to ensure 100% electrified rate for solar modules.
5. System operation panel and software are very easy and convenient to use.
6. Powerful auxiliary functions: This equipment can be connected to solar modules assembly line and implement interactive information. Other customized functions can be added by our developing group upon customers’ requirements.
Test and inspect the micro-crack,breakage,fragment of the cells and pseudo-soldering of the modules.
Check and find the mismatch of the cells or strings with different power rating.
Technical Specifications:
Solar Module EL Tester
Detecting Module Type
Solar cell modules(Mono-Si and Poly-Si)
Detecting Module Size
Max : 2000mmx1200mm
Max. Resolution
Pixel rate
Dynamic Range
Exposure Time
Imaging Time
6-8 seconds
Test Period
8-12 seconds
Sensor Type
Sony from Japan
0~30A /  0~100V
Power Supply
Work Environment
’+15℃~+40℃  /  10~75﹪(Humidity)
Storage Environment
’+5℃~+40℃   /  5~85﹪(Humidity)
Image noise
Management Software
English interface, auto save&statistics, query&print for images
Detecting Content
Technological source, material defect, micro-crack, fragment, broken fence, pseudo-soldering, poor efficiency.
Degree of Automation
Cover plate controlled by air cylinder, solar modules manual feeding, manual electrify,manual scan bar code/serial number

     EL testing samples: