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Wuhan Solar Sunrise Photoelectric technology Co., Ltd

China Professional Solar Cell Tester, Solar Module Tester, EL Tester manufacturer
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    What is Solar Cell Tester?

     Solar Cell Testers are integrated systems incorporating Solar Simulator and I-V Measurement systems.


    Wuhan Solar Sunrise offers Standard and Advance IV Measurement software.


    Wuhan Solar Sunrise Cell Testers are capable of measuring a diverse range of solar cell parameters such as Isc,Voc, Imax,Vmax, Pmax, FF, Rsh, Rs and η cell conversion efficiency, complete light and dark I-V curves.


    All that needs to be done to test a cell is to load the cell, make electrical probes contact and press “Measure” icon on the I-V Measurement System software.

    The software will automatically open the Solar Simulator shutter, perform the test and close the shutter after the test is complete.

    The design is modular in nature and can be easily upgraded. Some options can added at a later time.